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Thursday, 22 June 2017

5 Traditional Must Try Hari Raya Food

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Try some of the Hari Raya Delicacies this Season! 
5 Traditional Must Try Hari Raya FoodImage by Mohd Nor Azmil Abdul Rahman
Food is almost always a huge highlight at any festivals- religious or otherwise. With Hari Raya around the corner, the one big thing that homes will plan is the food. With family and friends invited, there will usually be a vast array of lip smacking delights at the buffet. Here are some of the best traditional dishes one must try.
5 Traditional Must Try Hari Raya FoodImage by Fery Indrawan

This is a dish with sticky rice wrapped into triangular shaped coconut leaf pockets. These are then held together with satay skewers and then steamed. Once cool, one must open the leaves and eat the sticky rice dipped in a peanut chilli sauce. Usually chicken satay is also served with ketupat. Cucumber slices accompany this dish to balance the fiery taste.
5 Traditional Must Try Hari Raya FoodImage by Maythee Anegboonlap

Another famous dish one always has during Hari Raya is rendang curry. This is an elaborate and delicious beef curry. 13 different herbs, spices and ingredients go into making this dish including coriander, onions, lemongrass, fennel seeds, ginger, cumin seeds, garlic, star anise, soya sauce, roasted coconut, chili paste and coconut milk. This curry takes hours to make as it has to be simmered for hours for flavours to emerge. Families usually make rendang is a big pot in the backyard….stirring it for hours for the family to enjoy. It is best eaten with rice.
5 Traditional Must Try Hari Raya FoodImage by Hafiz Issadeen

This is a sweet treat and it comes in several flavours such as durian, pandan, coconut and many more. It is chewy, sweet and sticky in texture and taste. The main ingredients of this dish are coconut milk, sugar and glutinous rice flour. All this is cooked for up to nine hours, always being stirred. This is a popular dish throughout the year and can be found at roadside stalls and supermarkets. 
5 Traditional Must Try Hari Raya FoodImage by Alpha

After the ketupat, this is probably the most famous dish during Hari Raya. It is made of beef or chicken floss cooked in spices till it is dry. It can be a little spicy on the palate and is divine when eaten with lemang or ketupat.
5 Traditional Must Try Hari Raya FoodImage by Alpha
Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak comprises of rice cooked in coconut milk eaten with a spicy chili laden sauce called sambal. Cucumber slices, fried peanuts and anchovies accompany this simple, yet delicious dish. Nasi Lemak considered to be Malaysia’s national dish which has become famous in the neighboring countries. 
5 Traditional Must Try Hari Raya FoodImage by Sham Hardy
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