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Thursday, 1 March 2018

Research – Disturbance Ecology

Overview of Research

Fire scars on ponderosa pines, Colorado Front Range foothills

Scientists in the Program study the effects of many disturbances on forest and woodlands ecosystems, including fire, insect outbreaks, aspen decline, fire suppression and climate change.

Ongoing Projects

Fire history and Stand Structure in Mixed Conifer Forests of the Colorado Front Range

1000 years of fire history and stand development in montane forests shows considerable variability in fire frequency and intensity over time and considerable spatial variability in species dominance as a result of the complex and variable disturbance regime.
For more information, contact Laurie Huckaby.

Ecological Type Conversions in Colorado Mixed Conifer Forests Driven by Disturbance and Climate

Evidence of climate-driven shifts in mid-elevation forests from dominance by ponderosa pine during the Medieval Warm Period to dominance by lodgepole pine during the Little Ice Age following stand-replacing disturbances.
For more information, contact Laurie Huckaby.

Can local fire histories be used as tools for restoration across larger geographic regions?

Comparison of tree-ring chronologies and historical fire regimes across a latitudinal gradient in the Colorado Front Range.
For more information, contact Laurie Huckaby.

Historic Fire Regimes and Native American Influences in the Foothills of the Northern Colorado Front Range

1000 years of fire history and Native American archaeology suggest that Native American burning drove the local fire regime before the advent of horses.
For more information, contact Laurie Huckaby.

Connecting Climate and Lodgepole Pine Mortality during Mountain Pine Beetle Outbreak in High-Elevation Forests

Were beetle killed trees stressed by early 21st century drought and therefore susceptible to attack by mountain pine beetles, or was the climate effect stronger on the beetles than on the trees?
For more information, contact Laurie Huckaby.


Scientists conducting research in this category include:
Battaglia, Mike A   Research Forester   970-498-1286
Bentz, Barbara J   Research Entomologist   435-755-3577
Fornwalt, Paula J   Research Ecologist   970-498-2581
Hansen, Matt   Entomologist   435-755-3575
Huckaby, Laurie Kay Stroh    Ecologist   970-498-1298
Hudak, Andrew T   Research Forester   208-883-2327
Jain, T B   Research Forester   208-883-2331
Moser, W Keith   Research Forester   928-556-2046
Negron, Jose   Research Entomologist   970-498-1252
Overby, Steven T   Soil Scientist   928-556-2184
Owen, Suzanne M   Chemist   928-556-2193
Ryan, Michael G   Volunteer Research Ecologist   970-498-1012
Schoettle, Anna W   Research Plant Ecophysiologist   970-498-1333
Sieg, Carolyn H   Research Plant Ecologist   928-556-2151
For further details log on website :

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