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Monday, 7 November 2016

Alkali Extracted Steam-Exploded Acacia mangium Wood Fiber as Reinforcing Material for Polypropylene-Based Composites

Published Date
R. M. Taib , 
Pages 67-84 | Received 03 Feb 2003, Accepted 17 Jul 2003, Published online: 20 Nov 2008

Composites of polypropylene (PP) and alkali extracted steam-exploded Acacia mangium wood fiber (AEF) were prepared. The fiber was grafted with maleated polypropylene (MAPP), either Epolene E-43 or Epolene G-3003. Their performance as a compatibilizing agent was compared. Treated fibers were characterized with SEM, ESCA, and FTIR. SEM and ESCA showed the presence of both MAPPs at the fiber surfaces. FTIR spectroscopy was unable to detect ester links between MAPP and AEF. All mechanical properties were improved with the incorporation of the treated fibers due to improved fiber dispersion and fiber/matrix adhesion as revealed by optical and scanning electron micrographs. As a compatibilizer, Epolene E43 performed better than E polene G-3003.

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