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Tuesday, 24 April 2018


Among the initiatives in the Polytechnic Transformation Roadmap is to set up a Centre of Technology (COT) at the Polytechnic. COT acts as a centre to mobilize knowledge, expertise and skills of the Polytechnic in specific niche areas along with other parties with theobjectives of establishing the following:
  • Fostering a culture of sharing expertise, research, innovation and quality of teaching and learning in the niche areas;
  • Strengthening collaboration with the community and industry that is related to the niche areas;
  • Encouraging writing and scholarly publication that is related to the niche areas;
  • Increasing the achievement and recognition at national and international level that is related to the niche areas; and
  • Generating income through expertise service activities, research and sharing of knowledge in the niche areas.
circle cot
List of COT Polytechnic that has been recognized:
jadual cot

For further information log on website :

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