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Comprehensive Database of North American Poplar Research Published from 1989 to 2011

Comprehensive Database of North American Poplar Research Published from 1989 to 2011 

Research Issue 

[photo:] Poplar energy crops near the end of a rotation.The first comprehensive poplar database reported literature published from 1854 to 1963 (Farmer and McNight 1967), the second from 1964 to 1974 (Hart 1976), and the last from 1975 to 1988 (Ostry and Henderson1990). Given that these databases are outdated, and the number of forestry/bioenergy related journals has increased dramatically (along with subsequent publications), it was important to develop the current database to include literature from 1989 to 2011. 

Our Research

In addition to compiling the information into one interactive location, our objectives are to encourage publication in peer-reviewed journals and to enhance collaborations with partners outside the poplar community. The constraints of the database include: only peer-reviewed manuscripts that are focused on poplars, cottonwoods, aspens, and their hybrids grown as short rotation woody crops, research conducted in North America, and at least one topic area. The topic areas are: conservation, diseases, economics and social science, genetics, general, global change, cell and tissue culture, growth and productivity, insects and mites, physiology, phytotechnologies, silviculture, and harvesting and wood products. All papers are cross-listed among the thirteen areas. Manuscripts are included in the database in two ways. First, the database team incorporates them from book chapters, old hardcopy files, and literature searches. Second, the manuscripts are added following submissions from collaborators, as well as email submissions to:  

Expected Outcomes

The outcomes of this work will be a Northern Research Station General Technical Report that is similar to the three prior reports cited above, and a searchable digital database.

Research Results

Zalesny, R.S. Jr.; Coyle, D.R.; Zalesny, J.A. 2011. Current status of the comprehensive database of North American poplar research published from 1989 to 2009. In: Annual General Meetings of the Poplar Council of Canada, International Poplar Commission (FAO) - Environmental Applications Working Party, and the Poplar Council of the United States: Poplars and Willows on the Prairies – Traditional Practices meet Innovative Applications; September 18-24, 2011; Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
Coyle, D.R.; Zalesny, J.A.; Zalesny, R.S. Jr. 2010. A comprehensive database of poplar research in North America from 1980 – 2010. In: Fifth International Poplar Symposium: Poplars and Willows: From Research Models to Multipurpose Trees for a Biobased Society; September 20-25, 2010; Orvieto, Italy. p 213. 
Zalesny, R.S. Jr.;Coyle, D.R.; Zalesny, J.A. 2010. Cooperative linkages for Populus research and applications in North America: a comprehensive database from 1980 to 2010. In: 8th Biennial Short Rotation Woody Crops Operations Working Group Conference: Short Rotation Woody Crops in a Renewable Energy Future: Challenges and Opportunities; October 17-21, 2010; Syracuse, NY. p 14.

Research Participants

Principal Investigator

  • Ronald S. Zalesny Jr., US Forest Service Northern Research Station- Team Leader, Research Plant Geneticist
  • David R. Coyle, University of Georgia, Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources, Athens, GA

Research Partners

  • Edmund O. Bauer, US Forest Service Northern Research Station- Technician Emeritus
  • Richard B. Hall, Iowa State University, Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management, Ames, IA 
  • William L. Headlee, Iowa State University, Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management, Ames, IA
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