Session A-1a New Frontiers in Forest Health

Session A-3 Strategies for Forest Plantations Development

Session A-12a Multipurpose Forest Tree Species Management

Session A-8 Building National Scale Monitoring Systems for Detecting Changes In Forested and Tree Landscapes in Africa

Session A-2: Invasive Alien Species: Economic and Environmental Impacts

Session A-15 Forests, trees and livelihoods

Session A-14b Meliaceae Working Group

Session A-1b Forest Insects: New Challenges in Africa and the World

Session A-11 Silvicutural Systems: Effect of Site Conditions on Forest Regrowth

Session A-9a Using Models for Forest Planning and Management

Session A-10 Silvicutural Systems: Effect of Logging on Forest Regrowth

Session A-6 Traditional Knowledge and Spiritual Values in Forest Conservation

Session A-4 Genetics and Molecular Technology Applications in Forest Management

Session A-9b Using Models for Forest Planning and Management

Session A-7 Forest and Human Health

Session A-5 Wildlife Ecology and Management