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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Achievements of Cassava Agronomy Research in Southern Ethiopia in the Last two Decades

Listed author(s):
  • Daniel Markos
    (Awassa agricultural research center, P.O.Box - 06, Awassa, Ethiopia)
  • Legesse Hidoto
    (Awassa agricultural research center, P.O.Box - 06, Awassa, Ethiopia)
  • Fiseha Negash
    (Areka agricultural research center, P.O.Box- 79, Areka, Ethiopia)
The paper describes research results of obtained in the process of generation of appropriate cultural practices, cropping systems and other agronomic studies of cassava in Ethiopia. Based on plant population studies carried out for three consecutive years on major cassava growing areas of SNNPR, plant spacing of 100 cm x 80, 120 cm x 80 and 80 cm x 80 was recommended for Awassa, Amaro kele and Amaro Jijola areas, respectively. The moisture content of cassava roots were invariably higher in varieties Qule, Kele and local in 12th and 15th MAP; But, decreases there after markedly in a linear way. Conversely, viscosity and root yield of the cassava increases significantly (P

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