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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

The Role of Agricultural Education in Ensuring National Security in Nigeria

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  • Francis A. Angbre
    (Department of Agricultural Education, College of Education, Akwnaga, Nasarawa State, Nigeria)
Nigeria is presently facing serious security challenges and instability that threaten our existence as people of one destiny. This article examines the important roles agricultural education can play in ensuring our national security. Vocational agriculture is a skill acquisition training programme for youths to be self-employed and self-reliance in agricultural production for empowerment. In addition, democratic principles and the rule of law must be enshrined in our political life for equity, fairness and justice. The roles of agricultural education in ensuring national security are in the areas of reduction in rural-urban migration, youth empowerment and reduction in youth unemployment and growth in industry. In conjunction with this, government needs to take pro-active security measures for the security and safety of the nation.

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