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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Dietary Fibers in Grain Species as Sources of Wholegrain Foods

Listed author(s):
  • Gyurova Desislava Krasteva
    (Department “Organic Analyses”, National Centre of Public Health and Analyses, Sofia, Bulgaria)
  • Enikova Rositsa Kirilova
    (Department “Microbiological Analysis”, National Centre of Public Health and Analyses, Sofia, Bulgaria)

The paper presents the results of an analysis of 20 lots of cereal products (grains and processed grains products) from different geographic regions. The samples were analyzed for dietary fibers content applying the enzymatic-gravimetric method AOAC 985.29. The differences in the amounts of dietary fibers in the individual grain varieties cover wide intervals and vary between 19 and 41% approximately, and between particular types of flour – in the interval 9 – 25% approximately. The obtained results can be used in completing and upgrading the Chemical Composition Tables of Bulgarian Foods as well as respond to the needs of medical dietology and dietetic practice in Bulgaria from the viewpoint of formulation of healthy foods and recipes. Those data can also be used to provide for informed choice through listing of nutritional information on food labels.

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