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Room temperature synthesis of metallic nanosilver using acacia to impart durable biocidal effect on cotton fabrics

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Volume 16, Issue 8pp 1676–1687

DOI: 10.1007/s12221-015-5197-x

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Emam, H.E., El-Rafie, M.H., Ahmed, H.B. et al. Fibers Polym (2015) 16: 1676. doi:10.1007/s12221-015-5197-x

  • Hossam E. Emam
  • M. H. El-Rafie
  • Hanan B. Ahmed
  • M. K. Zahran

Effective one-pot and large scale strategy for rapid synthesis and stabilization of Ag0nanoparticles (AgNPs) at room temperature, using acacia gum has been reported. Acacia gum played a dual rule as reducing agent for Ag+ and as stabilizing agent for the net produced AgNPs. Concentration of reducing sugars produced in the reaction medium was monitored. Formation of AgNPs has been detected by UV-Vis spectra and confirmed by transmission electron microscopy. Size distribution was 4–8 nm and mean size was 6 nm for AgNPs prepared at room temperature. Finishing of Cotton fabrics by solutions of AgNPs - acacia composite was utilized. Presence of Ag on the coated Cotton was confirmed by using energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy. The influence of coating with that composite on color of fabrics and on biocidal properties as well as laundering durability of obtained effects was studied. Coated Cotton fabrics exhibited excellent antibacterial action with good durability as after 20 washing cycles, 99 % of bacteria was completely killed. The presented method contains neither complicated systems nor hazard chemicals, which makes the coated fabrics with AgNPs - acacia composite sterile and can be used in medical purposes to prevent or minimize infection with pathogenic bacteria.


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