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The genus Cirrhopetalum and the genera of the Bulbophyllum alliance

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  • DOI: 10.1111/j.1756-1051.1994.tb01080.x
Leslie A. Garay,Fritz Hamer,Emly S. Sie


The genus Cirrhopetalum is reinstated among the genera of the Bulbophyllumalliance on the primary characters derived from its type species. Both its distinctness and position are ascertained through re-examining the primary characters of each of the genera of this alliance and the information thus gleaned is summarized in the form of a dichotomous key. A complete list of all binomials published under Cirrhopetalum is provided. For each binomial either its sectional assignment or its currently valid name under other genera is given. Because of the superficial resemblance of certain Bulbophyllum species to those of Cirrhopetalum, many of which consequently were treated as such, in Appendix A a key to various sections of Bulbophyllum is also presented in which the Cirrhopetalum-like plants have either pseudoumbellate or capitate inflorescences. Appendix B contains descriptions of new genera and nomenclatorial transfers.

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